Just to see you smile

A few years ago our cat Trijntje was falsely diagnosed with a fatal disease. My good friend Shigemi came to the rescue and sent us a Japanese medicine to hopefully cure her. 
Before Shigemi's treatment arrived we learned that Trijntje only had the flu so we didn't need Shigemi's potion afterall and sent it back. We were of course very grateful for Shigemi's concern!

Ever since that time Trijntje became very special to Shigemi and we see her as Trijntje's Godmother.

Shigemi had already ordered one of Trijntje's miniatures earlier and last week I sent her the first printed art card of Trijntje Vrolijk.

I received this photo from Shigemi yesterday out of gratitude for making her smile.
Isn't this what friendship is all about? 

It's also why I do what I do, making people happy:-)

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