Commissioned cat portraits of Dolf, Tinus and Sientje

A short while ago Marjolein Vegers asked me to paint portraits of her cats Dolf, Tinus and Sientje. It was a pleasure to paint these beautiful felines and with a heavy hart I parted from them yesterday. Marjolein promised to look after them the best she can and they will adorn a blank wall in her livingroom from now on.

The cats are painted in acryllic on 30x30cm stretched canvas.

I've worked on these for a while, I started them in February but then my mother passed away and I couldn't work (on them) for a while, when I'm sad I make sad things and these had to be cheerful, Marjolein has been very patient.
I used photos of the cats but didn't copy a photo, I wanted to capture their personality. Marjolein gave me all the freedom I needed but she wrote wonderful descriptions of everyone's character and even took a few videos of them in action.

Dolf likes to cuddle with them in bed and always hides under the covers, Tinus is a care free soul and loves his naps in the sun, Sientje is a free spirit and dare devil and loves to be outside terrorising the dogs in the neighborhood, but she also depends on Marjolein and Martijns company. Of course they aren't realistic portraits but I don't do realistic and it wasn't the brief. I always put my heart and soul in my work so after working on them with intervals for such a long time I really got attached to them and I'm very happy with how they turned out. Even more rewarding because Marjolein and Martijn are happy too:-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. heel erg leuke schilderijen en karakters!!!
    Ik kan me voorstellen dat je blij bent met het resultaat!

    1. Dank je! Het was ook enorm leuk om te doen!