Commissioned cat portraits of Dolf, Tinus and Sientje

A short while ago Marjolein Vegers asked me to paint portraits of her cats Dolf, Tinus and Sientje. It was a pleasure to paint these beautiful felines and with a heavy hart I parted from them yesterday. Marjolein promised to look after them the best she can and they will adorn a blank wall in her livingroom from now on.

The cats are painted in acryllic on 30x30cm stretched canvas.

I've worked on these for a while, I started them in February but then my mother passed away and I couldn't work (on them) for a while, when I'm sad I make sad things and these had to be cheerful, Marjolein has been very patient.
I used photos of the cats but didn't copy a photo, I wanted to capture their personality. Marjolein gave me all the freedom I needed but she wrote wonderful descriptions of everyone's character and even took a few videos of them in action.

Dolf likes to cuddle with them in bed and always hides under the covers, Tinus is a care free soul and loves his naps in the sun, Sientje is a free spirit and dare devil and loves to be outside terrorising the dogs in the neighborhood, but she also depends on Marjolein and Martijns company. Of course they aren't realistic portraits but I don't do realistic and it wasn't the brief. I always put my heart and soul in my work so after working on them with intervals for such a long time I really got attached to them and I'm very happy with how they turned out. Even more rewarding because Marjolein and Martijn are happy too:-)

The making of Dolf, Tinus and Sientje

I've announced earlier that I recently painted three cat portraits of Dolf, Tinus and Sientje. The paintings were a commission by Marjolein Vegers.
Yesterday Marjolein and Martijn visited Foppe's Acre and collected their new paintings. The new owners liked them very much and soon they will be adorning the blank wall in their livingroom.

It was a lot of fun painting the kids and I was sad to let them go but I know they've found the best new home I could have wished for:-)

This video shows the stages in the process of painting Dolf, Tinus and Sientje. Acryllic on 30x30cm stretched canvas.



Foppe @ Illustration Biënnale Haarlem

As an illustrator I'm associated with the index site of Dutch Illustrators: Dutch-Illustration.com.
Ingrid Joustra is the manager of Dutch-Illustration and designed a flyer to promote the site (and the participating illustrators) on the next Illustration Biënnale in Haarlem (June 2, 2012).
StudioMoor and Foppe's Acre Originals are proud to feature one of its illustrations on the front side, wohoo! Ingrid chose Foppe and I'm extremely proud. Thanks Ingrid:-)


Revamping the shop

I was reasonably happy with my previous shop appearance, it showed all the items against the same white-board background, but it was kind of boring and because everything had the same treatment one couldn't tell how big (or small) the pieces are.

So today I started again with new pictures of all the items on sale, I took every piece in my hand and shot them against a white background so all the attention goes to the subject. The hand gives the pieces scale and it's also a metaphor for how precious they are.

It looks fresh and fruity and I'm quite happy with it. Go check it out (if you dare;-)


Sneak preview too

Recently I've been working on a commission of three cat portraits. A cute grey tabby, an orange tiger and a beautiful black lady. It was a challenge to work on a slightly larger size than my regular miniatures as these paintings are 30x30 cm on canvas. It was great fun to paint them and I've been sending my client pictures of all the stages on the process.
Next week they will go to their new home and I'll share some photos of the finished pieces. 


Just to see you smile

A few years ago our cat Trijntje was falsely diagnosed with a fatal disease. My good friend Shigemi came to the rescue and sent us a Japanese medicine to hopefully cure her. 
Before Shigemi's treatment arrived we learned that Trijntje only had the flu so we didn't need Shigemi's potion afterall and sent it back. We were of course very grateful for Shigemi's concern!

Ever since that time Trijntje became very special to Shigemi and we see her as Trijntje's Godmother.

Shigemi had already ordered one of Trijntje's miniatures earlier and last week I sent her the first printed art card of Trijntje Vrolijk.

I received this photo from Shigemi yesterday out of gratitude for making her smile.
Isn't this what friendship is all about? 

It's also why I do what I do, making people happy:-)


Happy to meet you

I received many requests to create a Foppe's Acre Originals art card of myself too, someone has to take care of the paper menagerie, right?;-)
Of course I'm always willing to make my fans happy so there you go; Introducing Peter Moorman, aka Mr Moor, aka Foppe's Dad (one of them).
The card will soon be available in my little shop of little things.


Foppe and friends

The menagerie of Foppe's Acre Originals is ever expanding. I've asked all the recently designed critters if they were in for a group portrait and they happily agreed;-)

These animals will all seperately appear on one of my art cards and I'm planning to make a special edition from this group portrait too, so stay tuned!