Thank you Mister Postman

Yay! The first Foppe's Acre Originals art cards have arrived at their new home today!
The sales of these new cards in my Etsy shop are going very well and already we've sent several sets and single cards to the Netherlands and United States! Looks like we've got a winner here!:-)
Thanks to Mieke Vos for ordering these and posting this great picture on FaceBook.


Forwarding feedback

Aside from the process of painting itself I enjoy making people happy with my artwork. I try to create images that make people smile and feel good and always hope they convey the joy of painting.
It's always a reward when my collectors tell me how much they enjoy my creations and send pictures of the purchases at their new home.  For one time I'd like to share some feedback I received on my pieces:-)

Mado from the Netherlands:
I received this one too (I ordered two;-) and also beautifully packed. They are super cute little works of art, also nice to give as a present. Reccommended!
(Deze heb ik ook ontvangen (heb er twee besteld ;-) en ook zo mooi verpakt! Het zijn super leuke kunstwerkjes, ook leuk om kado te doen. Een aanrader!)

Tiffany from the United States:
These boxes are beautifully detailed and obviously hand-crafted with love. They arrived promptly and were carefully packaged. Thank you!

Shigemi from Japan:
The lovely Trijntje painting makes me so happy since she's arrived at me! I love the envelope designed by you too. It was so exciting to open it. I rotate the painting on the easel (is it handmade?) everyday. It gives me the different feelings and I enjoy them a lot. She is so cute however I put it :-) Thanks Peter and Trijntje for making me smile!

Kathy from the United States
A delightful egg, guaranteed to bring a smile. Beautifully executed, very well packed and promptly shipped. A sheer delight!

Peter from Luxembourg:
Lovely delicate product. Packaging was both sturdy and beautifully presented. Despatched immediately. Very highly recommended seller.

Sandra from the United States:
As a repeat customer and satisfied collector, I fear I'm going to start to sound like a broken record :) But, it is true, any day one of Peter's whimsical creations shows up at my door is a great day!! And it's double the joy when the package contains two wonderful paintings as was the case when Greyson the coonhound and Sam the mini doxie both arrived at my home together! Peter never disappoints. His work is lovingly and carefully done, from the painting of each piece to the packaging for safe travels. I have always received a little surprise bonus with each order I've made and it has been a few now :) Not only does Peter's work inspire happiness, but so does Peter. He seems like such a kind and compassionate man with a wonderful spirit and a true love of the animals, some of which he portrays in his tiny paintings. He always seems to capture the essence of his subject in his own special style on these little canvases. His little faces never fail to make me smile! I feel fortunate to have connected with a person as genuinely nice as and an artist as talented as Peter!


Signed, sealed and ready to be delivered

The first four art cards with funny animal cartoons are finished and added to the collection of greeting cards in my shop.
Don't they look good? I'm very happy with how they turned out in print, sharp as a tack, colorful and with a beautiful glossy finish.
The cards measure 5x5 inch, are blank inside and come with a white envelope, ready to make someone special happy!

I will be adding to the collection as there are many more residents at Foppe's Acre who'd like their portrait taken and if we run out on critters we'll take an excursion into the neighborhood;-)


It's all in de cards

I'm designing a series of greeting cards at the moment featuring the residents of Foppe's Acre and a few familair faces you may recognize from my miniatures.

The illustrations are directly made in Adobe Illustrator, my most favorite tool on the computer.
Once they are done and printed I'll add them to my collection of postcards on Etsy.
Below is an example of my sweet buddy Snuggles the Muscovy duck.

(the FAO logo won't be visible in the printed version, of course;-)


Sneak preview

I'm currently working on a commission of three cat portraits which is a lot of fun!
The client shares her home with a black cat, a grey tabby and an orange tabby; all three have different characters and habits which I have tried to incorporate in the paintings.
They are done in acryllic on 30x30 cm canvas.

I've painted the contours first and am now working with layers of colors in a semi-transparent glazing technique. I can't show much more than this crop but once the paintings are ready and delivered I'll show the end result.
So stay tuned!


Happy Feathery Friday!

Today we're celebrating Felix' life in our Feathery Friday Cafe over at Flickr! Why don't you join us?;-)


Felix the Great

Four weeks ago our Canada gander Felix unexpectedly passed away. Felix was a young and beautiful gander when he came to live with us ten years ago. He was the sweetest, most gentle, the biggest and most handsome Canada goose I've ever known. To pay tribute to him I've painted a miniature in his honor that is also added to my collection of Foppe's Acre portraits in my shop on Etsy.