A horse is a horse is a horse is a....

I started sharing sources of inspiration on Foppe's Acre Originals' Facebook page a while ago and will continue to add a few of my favorite subjects on this blog too.

This is a great informative video of how little horses are made from a slice of wood from a tree trunk.
I've always loved folk-art and crafts and how inventive people are in finding ways to produce objects in high numbers. Take a look for yourself!

(video courtesy of Die Sendung mit der Maus)

The egg has landed

My painted 'Love Birds' goose egg arrived at its new home yesterday and nestled itself inside a beautiful China cabinet.
Doesn't it look right at home?

It always makes me happy to see my artwork at its final destination:-)

(photo courtesy of Kathy Canzona)



Dogs done

Whenever I sell a miniature made to order in my shop I always paint two copies. That way I've got a spare one in case I sell another one when I'm very busy and because I have to mix the colors anyhow it's much more economic to paint a duplicate in advance.

These two doggies; Greyson and Sam are ready to be shipped to my faithful collector in the US:-)


Getting the hang of it

After a period of studying hard to master the Pysanky batik-technique I think I finally got it. Today I finished a blue Pysanky, I like the ton sur ton concept and want to try it with different colors too.
These two eggs are now ready for adoption and are listed on Etsy.

The front side shows two cats depicted like an infinity symbol with connected tails in a Folk Art style. The Backside shows a tender message; Forever Love. The front- and back side are devided by a band containing symbols of love.


I posted the Pysanky egg that I made for my mom in hospital on Flickr a few days ago and it made Explore! Wohoo:-)
Explore is a showcase of the most interesting photos uploaded in the last seven days.
Here's the link to the original post on Flickr.


New changes

Today I finally decided that my Etsy webshop should get a propper name and changed it from studioMoor into foppesacreoriginals:-)

In other news: Facebook made the new timeline layout available for Facebook pages. Foppe's Acre Originals jumped on the bandwagon too. Wohoo!