My first Pysanky

So today I finally got around to try my first attempt at creating a Pysanky egg.
It was a lot of fun though not as easy as I expected. Before starting I watched lots of tutorials on Youtube and was impressed by the ease of which the artists were drawing on the eggs.
I made a design on paper and traced it onto the egg, then started adding the first lines with beeswax. The first problem I encountered was loading the kitska with wax, then heating it to the right temperature. When I started drawing the flow of the wax wasn't right and on top of it the surface of the goose egg was quite rough which resulted in a jittery line (got better in time). I also need to think harder about the build-up of colors, but that will take some more studying.
All in all I'm not dissapointed with this first egg. I think my style of illustrating is perfect for this technique and I can't wait to start another one!;-)

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