The making of

I sell most of my miniatures in my Etsy shop made to order. This is how I work (9 steps).

1 Tracing the image on the canvas.
(Left are the original miniatures to be copied.)

2 Adding the first basic background color.

3 Second background layer; shading with semi-transparent glazes.
Coloring the cats, first layer.

4 Second layer and adjusting the colors of the cats.
Coloring the geese; first layer.

5 Second layer and shading of the geese with semi-transparent glazes.
Shading the cats.

6 Final touches and adding the contours.

7 Last step; varnish.

8 It's a wrap.
The miniatures are securely wrapped in bubblewrap and packed inside a corrugated fiberboard sleeve.

9 Three miniature paintings ready to be shipped. A little present is always included.

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