My first Pysanky

So today I finally got around to try my first attempt at creating a Pysanky egg.
It was a lot of fun though not as easy as I expected. Before starting I watched lots of tutorials on Youtube and was impressed by the ease of which the artists were drawing on the eggs.
I made a design on paper and traced it onto the egg, then started adding the first lines with beeswax. The first problem I encountered was loading the kitska with wax, then heating it to the right temperature. When I started drawing the flow of the wax wasn't right and on top of it the surface of the goose egg was quite rough which resulted in a jittery line (got better in time). I also need to think harder about the build-up of colors, but that will take some more studying.
All in all I'm not dissapointed with this first egg. I think my style of illustrating is perfect for this technique and I can't wait to start another one!;-)


The making of

I sell most of my miniatures in my Etsy shop made to order. This is how I work (9 steps).

1 Tracing the image on the canvas.
(Left are the original miniatures to be copied.)



I've been looking for alternative ways of painting eggs and I've always been very interested in crafts and folk art. I stumbled on this Ukranian technique which I really like. It's a form of batik; drawing with wax on layers of paint. I think my style of drawing would lend itself perfectly for this way of decorating.
Recently I purchased a Pysanky kit on the internet and can't wait to start experimenting with it. I've collected lots of goose eggs from our geese over the years and breeding season has just begun so my supply will expand over the course of the next weeks.

Once I've got a few eggs done in this batik style I'll post them here. Stay tuned!