A colorful end to 2017!

On the last day of the year I added the last detail on the last part of Little Paul the Farting Elephant and his Muscovy duck friend Saffy.
As we all know Little Paul is a king and has a talent that make the subjects of his kingdom sad and happy at the same time; badly smelling but beautifully colored farts escape him from time to time which turn the grey and miserable Middle Ages into a beautifully colored world. I thought hard and long about how to visualize the farts without making it embarrassing for LP or too obvious. In the end I decided to only show the stains the fumes leave on the backside of his tail. 
Funny how the end of Little Paul symbolizes my year at Foppe's Acre Originals, it's been the most creative and most colorful year so far with new initiatives that resulted in sweet pieces and lots of commissions I loved working on.
A big thank you!

Little Paul is ready to find his way to his forever home and a warm and lovingly welcome awaits him and Saffy.
I will show photos of the finished piece once he's home so please be patient for a little while longer.
The new year will start with a new project which I'm looking forward too with much excitement. Moor about that soon!
All of us at Foppe's Acre wish you a wonderful and safe New year's Eve and a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2018!

These boots are made for walking!

Adding finishing touches to Little Paul and Saffy this weekend.
I wanted to give Little Paul's boots black soles but because of the rough surface and the difficult areas under his belly it's very tricky to paint straight lines. I once watched a video about how little wooden animals are carved and painted on a production line and decided to give it a try too. I prepared a paint bath for LP and placed him inside for a couple of minutes, voila; beautiful straight soles on his cowboy boots!
I love these hacks that make life a bit easier


Home for the holidays

Lots of Foppe's Acre Originals have found a forever home for the holidays, here are a few.
I'd like to thank all of Foppe's fans for their loyalty and support in the past year. For your interest in my work, for your encouragement, for inspiring many new pieces and for welcoming my work into your homes. I'm humbled.
Foppe and Peter would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year and hope to continue our friendship.

*photos courtesy of the new owners, thanks for sharing.

Tiny changes

Little Paul the Farting Elephant paper-mache sculpture. Progress; made Little Paul's pupils smaller and placed them in the centre of the eyeball, much better! It gives him a more surprised look, more whimsical and less 'Disney' like in the previous version. Also gave them an outline and will add reflection lights and eyebrows later. Took Sophie's remembering box that I made a while ago as an example for Saffy's colors (Saffy and Sophie were identical twins) *could have gone outside and find Saffy but this sculpture was easier. I'm on my way and having fun!

Coat of many colors

Little Paul the Farting Elephant paper-mache sculpture. Progress; started giving Little Paul and Saffy their first coat of paint yesterday to bring out their character. Trying to decide which shade of pink for his skin and adding the pupils so we can finally look at eachother.
I'm reasonably happy with the overall look though his skin may need some toning down. At first I liked the position of his pupils, looking straight ahead and not so much the "Marty Feldman' eyes looking every which way but it made him too cute and innocent, it also made the eyes more bulgy. Looked and thought about it hard and changed them in the end in the same way like the original LP.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Foppe's Acre!

White elephant!

Little Paul the Farting Elephant paper-mache sculpture. Progress; The Proverbial White Elephant!  After adding a few details (eyelids, edges on the boots and smoothing out a few areas) it was time for the first ground cover of paint. It will seal the paper-mache (which was completely dry) and shows the final skin. While still in his newspaper jacket I couldn't really tell how the surface texture would be, it's exactly like I want. Don't want it too smooth, you should be able to tell it's paper-mache and the folds and creases add to the feeling of elephant skin. I'm happy!
Next is to give him and Saffy their final appearance which will be fun and exciting!
Stay tuned!