Start of a new painting

While Patsy's portrait isn't yet finished (want to look at it for a while before I continue) I decided to pay tribute to another important resident of Foppe's Acre's past; Snuggles, our Muscovy drake. Snuggles was one of the first scovlings to be born at Foppe's Acre in June 2003 and lived 8 wonderful years with us. Snuggles had health issues in his later life and passed away in my arms in march 2011. Muscovy boys are always much more affectionate towards people than the girls are so we became best friends over the years. He was an important member of the flock so it's time I painted a fitting portrait of him. I want to try give this a more recognizable background instead of the solid colors I mostly use, he looked so good in his environment. Another challenge!

Felines of Foppe’s Acre 2018 Calendar

Foppe's Acre is a little farm in Friesland, the Netherlands, owned by lord and master Foppe the cat.
Follow Foppe and his family on their adventures through the seasons on this special edition A5, 12 month desk calendar with metal spring bind; smooth matte paper with incorporated sturdy stand.

Get your copy today so you’re all set for four fabulous seasons with the felines of Foppe’s Acre!
Outside Holland: Only $ 20.00 including shipping!
Binnen Nederland: voor maar € 15,00 inclusief verzenden!
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A day at the 'Tsjûke Wille' fair!

I had a wonderful time at the food and art fair in town past Friday. In spite of the bad weather there was a constant flow of people walking in and out the pavillion, I sold calendars (especially the cat calendar was quite popular!), lots of interest in my photography and paintings. I think there's even a few commissions for animal portraits in the cards!

Preparing for 'Tsûke Wille' Food and Art fair

(almost) Packed and ready for the food & art fair tomorrow!

Back in the studio

Patsy's portrait is coming along nicely, there are moments that I think I'm done but then I can't help myself and add a few more brush strokes which send me in a new direction and I have to look at it in a whole new light. It's an adventure and I'm enjoying myself. I'd love to have it finished for the fair on Saturday but I can't/don't want to force it. Patsy was a beautiful grand dame so this portrait should be as perfect as I can make it.


Yay! My new business cards arrived from the printer today!
Ooh, they look good (thanks to Timmy of course).

Moor on Patsy

Worked some more on Patsy's portrait today, this won't be a quicky for sure. I'm enjoying myself but had some frustrating moments too when I felt I had put some brush strokes in the wrong place and spoiled the dynamics, I was able to put it right again, for now.
It's still quite messy and muddy but I hope it will get better with every session. Patsy deserves it.